Discover Secrets To A Lasting Relationship

Discover Secrets To A Lasting Relationship


Out of 7.7 billion people in the world, you found each other. That is a miracle in itself. Unfortunately, the number of couples staying together has been less than ideal.

For this post, we interviewed couples to find out what were the things that made them happy/ unhappy with each other and collectively condensed their wisdom and sharing here!



  • Communication
    You have probably heard this before, but we can’t stress the importance of “Communication” enough. Many times, when we are upset, we tend not to communicate how we feel, but one thing we learned through the interviews is that your partner cannot read your mind! You cannot expect your partner to know what you are thinking, feeling, hurting; why you are angry, if you do not communicate it to them.  Trust us, you might think they know why you are angry, or when you are angry, but most of the time, they do not.We learned that besides communication of our emotions, we need to communicate our expectations too. The cycle of quarrel happens when we expect something of our partners, but they “fall short” of our expectations. As a result, we get upset/ angry. Can we really blame them for falling short when in the first place, they never knew this was what was expected of them?Communication might seem like an easy thing to say, but many times, relationships fail because we forget to communicate on the various aspects of our lives.



  • Understanding Your Partner’s Love Language
    In our previous post, we touched on the 5 different love languages, namely : Acts of service, Gifts, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation. Knowing your partner’s love language is essential in order to love him/her. There is no point in spending time and effort loving someone ( your way ), only to realize that your partner does not even feel loved.Let us give an example – Say your love language is  ” Quality Time ” , but your partner does not know that. Maybe he/she thinks that your love language is “Gifts”, so he/she does not spend much time with you but constantly buys you things. When you do quarrel, you might blurt out things like ” I do not feel loved by you “, and your partner would argue back saying ” How can you not? I buy you gifts all the time “? If this sounds familiar to you, it is because both of you do not understand each other’s love language, resulting in love not being received or reciprocated.



  • Being honest and vulnerable.
    I am sure we have all heard of this phrase ” Honesty is the best policy “, and we couldn’t agree more. Trust is extremely important in any relationship, and for that trust to take place, there has to be honesty and vulnerability in your relationship.Taking that step to open up, to be honest about how you feel, and to be vulnerable about your insecurities and flaws, would only strengthen your relationship. Being honest when mistakes are made, and solving them together as a couple would only strengthen your relationship.


These 3 pointers are some things that we have learned through our interviews with various couples. We would be posting more of our learning in our next blog post, so do subscribe on our website if you would like to receive them first hand.



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